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Jason Mitchell

Co-Founder and CEO
Movement Strategy

Jason Mitchell is the Co-Founder and CEO of Movement Strategy, an independent social-led creative agency with offices in Denver, NYC, and LA. Movement Strategy focuses on digital marketing initiatives through the combined use of strategic creative and a deep knowledge of the latest social features, tools and digital trends. Now at its 11th year, Movement produces groundbreaking work for partners including Netflix, Warner Bros., Under Armour, truTV and Just Energy, amongst others.

Jason Mitchell’s Session

1:30 pm–2:10 pm — Thursday, February 6, 2020

Netflix YouTube: How This Channel Followed the YouTuber Imprint to Win Over Gen Z

For brands looking to reach a Gen Z audience, programming content on social channels may seem like a daunting challenge. How do brands effectively reach and engage a generation that is constantly bombarded by content from all angles? Social-led creative agency Movement Strategy has been helping brands like Netflix break through the noise by taking cues from influential YouTubers—utilizing a toolbox of effective content and creative strategies to grow brands’ YouTube channels and create content that Gen Z seeks out.

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why editorializing your brand’s YouTube channel resonates with Gen Z—and how to develop the best strategy to do so
  • How to find the YouTube content that works, and shift away from what doesn’t
  • Maximizing your content with cost-effective production methods
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