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Kyle Skinner

Senior Social Media Coordinator
Oakland Athletics

Kyle Skinner is an obsessive sports storyteller. Kyle is at the helm of one of the most innovative sports franchises in the world where he revamped and established a consistent voice and tone for the Oakland A's social media presence. Kyle has spoken about crafting voice and brand management at Bay Area universities as well as the Twitter Sports Summit in San Francisco. He began his career creating in-game content for Major League Baseball and building a social presence for colligate sports programs. A proud University of California, Santa Barbara alum, Kyle loves a good day at the beach along with a large plate of mozzarella sticks.

Kyle Skinner’s Session

11:00 am–11:40 am — Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Authenticity Always Wins: Forming Social Strategy Around Audience

Identifying what engages your audience is key to developing a successful social strategy. In this discussion, Kyle will describe how the Oakland Athletics went about identifying who their fanbase and audience was on social, and how they were able to reflect that with their content and storytelling tactics.

After this talk, attendees will understand how to: 

  • Identify your audience
  • Translate your audiences' preferences to voice and content
  • Tailor strategy to specific platforms
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