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Tuesday, February 4, 2020    10:00 am–1:00 pm

Facebook Ad Optimization Masterclass

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Do you run ads, but want to dig into more advanced strategies? Want to learn the latest techniques that are working in 2019-2020? Looking to scale your ads so you can spend less? Facebook and Instagram ads are changing every day, so it is important to test, learn and scale.

During this workshop, we will dig into advanced strategies that will increase conversions, scale your ads and help you spend smarter. 

This workshop will cover ways to optimize your ads for better results, including:

  • Current strategies working today
  • Case studies of actual ad performance
  • Digging into deeper audiences
  • Assessing the competition
  • Review results and scaling ads

Whom this training is for: This is an intermediate workshop. Attendees who have practice with ads manager and have run or are running ads will get the most out of this session.


  • Audience Insights Exercise: We will dig deeper into audiences using the Insights tool. Each attendee will come up with at least 3 new audiences to target with their ads.
  • Review Competitor Ads: Each attendee will learn how to find the ads that their competitors are running, review their ads and ad spend and determine how they can use this information for their own ads.
  • Reading Ad Results: We will review ads live. Each attendee will look at their ad results and find ways to improve and scale results.


Janet Johnson
Social Media Specialist & Owner
Janet E Johnson

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