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Thursday, February 6, 2020    1:30 pm–2:10 pm

From IDK to CTA: A 10-Step Guide to Effective Social Media Advocacy

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At UCSF, our public mission is at the core of who we are. From defending federal science programs to illuminating the root causes of our city’s homelessness crisis, we’ve learned how to use social media to connect with our audiences as citizens - rather than customers. 

There are endless books, podcasts, and entire conferences dedicated to getting people to hit the “buy” button, but how do you inspire a community to vote, sign petitions, call elected officials or take any other advocacy actions? 

In this session, you’ll learn to: 

  • Redefine your audience in advocacy terms
  • Build a narrative-based campaign timeline 
  • Define and refine what success looks like


Arezu Sarvestani
Assistant Director of Social Media
University of California, San Francisco

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