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Brianna Shelko

CEO & Digital Strategist
Brianna Shelko Social Media

Brianna Shelko of Atlanta has mastered the Social Media realm. For over 7 years, Brianna has worked for consumer and B2B focused companies, as well as writing commercial jingles and executing excellent social media strategy on the client-side. As a Social Media strategist, she strives to serve the client and to be seen as an extraordinary addition not just to their online presence, but to their team. Brianna has tailored her ability to target her client’s needs and deliver results. She also specializes in influencer marketing where she successfully engages with celebrities through social dialogue for non-paid client endorsements/partnerships – which serves small businesses tremendously when growing authentic audiences and increasing online engagements. Her specialty is creating buzz on a budget by developing a genuine relationship with each brand’s audience. In addition to her passion for achieving greater brand glory, Brianna is an award-winning independent pop artist, Podcast host (Not-So-Millennial Podcast), wedding and event DJ, music teacher and custom canvas painter. Regardless of the industry, all of Brianna’s customers were developed through engaging on social media platforms. If it’s social, Shelko’s your go-to expert.

Brianna Shelko’s Session(s):

12:45 pm–1:30 pm PDT —

The Key to Conversion: Unlock the Secrets to Building Authentic Audiences Online from Scratch

In order for social media marketing to work for your business, you need an audience. Otherwise, it’s like standing on a stage singing to yourself. Unfortunately, growing an authentic audience can be one of the most difficult things to do online. However, there are ways to stand out from the cyber crowd and competition. It may not happen overnight, in fact, it almost never does, but with Brianna's help, you’ll be on your way to connecting with people who genuinely care about your product or service.

Here's what you can expect to take away from this session:

  • Content: How to build an engaging editorial calendar that keeps your followers coming back for more
  • Strategy: How to find and target your audience online efficiently from the start
  • CRM: Why engaging with customers online at the right time ensures an amazing customer experience and raving fans

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