Andrew Spoeth currently leads the social marketing practice at CA Technologies, with the goal of generating awareness, strengthening relationships, and driving measurable business results for the company. Through his leadership, the company is taking advantage of opportunities presented by the real-time connectedness of digital media and social networks. 

Prior to CA Technologies, he worked on the marketing team at Marketo, a software company that quickly made a name for itself in Silicon Valley and is among the fastest growing SaaS companies ever. Previous to Marketo, he served as the head of marketing at a digital marketing agency, Enquiro (now Mediative). Amongst other things, he played a key role in a research initiative called The Buyersphere Project, a seminal piece of marketing research that was sponsored by Google, Marketo, Demandbase, Covario and


As a member of the marketing community at large, Andrew has spoken at events such as the CeBit Global Marketing Conference, the Social Business Engine Podcast, and the Content Marketing Institute. When not at his day job, he enjoys keeping up with the latest in tech, science, and music. You can connect with him on Twitter at @andrewspoeth.