Emma Alvarez Gibson is an accomplished creative brand strategist and whip-smart wordsmith. Currently assistant director of marketing at the Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology, she helps brands cut through the noise to reach their ideal clients by hitting exactly the right tone in exactly the right way. Her work encompasses both global brands (Pepperdine University, Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Herbalife) and celebrities (including William Gibson, the best-selling pioneer of cyberpunk science fiction). She is continually reconnoitering the coolest emerging trends in arts, pop culture, technology, and social interaction.

She has created two online magazines, co-created The Business of Women conference, and she spoke at the inaugural Race, Class, and Parenting Symposium. Gibson’s diverse published works encompass issues in the multi-generational workplace, the artistry in Super Bowl ads, and the intimate musical subtleties of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. She has been brand-building on social media since the early days and launched her first blog last century. That's why clients describe Emma Alvarez Gibson as "a high-concept, high-output Swiss army knife in human form!"