Julien Schléret is the Global Social Engagement Program Manager for Google's Consumer product Social Support team. He is responsible for creating and launching global strategic initiatives specifically around customer support for more than 15 products including Google Play, Google Nexus, Project Fi but also Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Maps etc. Currently his team provides social care in 12 languages on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and Google Play Store reviews.

Julien works with a team of community Managers based in 3 different offices (Mountain View, Dublin, Tokyo) and over 500 Top Contributors and Rising stars who engage with users on Google Product Forums or on Twitter via a platform he launched in 2015 called Help on Social.

Julien previously worked in other high profile companies such as Nike and in different countries (France obviously but also Spain, Ireland and for more than a year in the US). Outside of work, he enjoys exercising (running, volleyball and badminton), traveling around the world and taking as many pictures as he can!