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Lauren Nimmons

Senior Manager, Social Media Marketing

Lauren has 8+ years of experience in the digital and social space. She works cross-functionally to develop social content strategies and campaign blueprints emphasizing the value in identifying key cultural trends and tactical opportunities to increase content resonance and overall effectiveness through a customer-centered approach. 

Lauren accepted a Shorty Award for Best Online Community on behalf of the Starbucks social team for her strategic recommendations and contributions to the launch of Leaf Raker’s Society, a Fall-loving Facebook Group which highlights unique ways to announce the return of a beloved product.

Lauren also received a BRAVO Award for her strategic contributions to the launch of Cloud Macchiato in partnership with Ariana Grande. She continues to seek opportunities to share her passion for fresh perspective inspiring new and innovative ways to lean in within the marketing space.

Lauren Nimmons’s Session

8:45 am–9:30 am PT — Friday, February 26, 2021

Tapping into the Value of Making Customers Feel Seen & Connected

While embracing a new normal presents its own challenges, social media is ripe with insights that demonstrate how to infuse the adjusted customer mindset, priorities, and social climate to maximize campaign success. 

In this session, you will hear strategies implemented by the Starbucks social team ranging from an effective COVID-19 Response Plan to the launch of Fall/PSL and relatable text-only moments that shine a light on our customers and their desire for connectedness, virtual relief, and a sense of normalcy. Lauren will share her perspective on identifying the right insights to sharpen an overall content approach leaning into untapped opportunities to relate to the customer in more impactful ways.

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