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Erica Santiago

Senior Manager, Digital Content

Erica Santiago has worked in digital marketing and social media for over 11 years. At Pfizer, she develops content across the brand's corporate digital and social properties as a part of the External Communications & Enterprise Reputation team. Most notably, she leads Pfizer’s podcast strategy & helped establish their first branded podcast initiative, The Antigen.

Prior to Pfizer, she has led successful social media marketing campaigns at companies across a diverse range of industries, including higher education and e-commerce. Beyond her experience as an accomplished marketer and communicator, she also completed her MBA at NYU Stern, specializing in digital marketing & business analytics, and obtained a BS at Cornell University, concentrating in operations & business.

Erica Santiago’s Session

10:00 a.m.–10:45 a.m. Pacific Time —

Behind the Breakthroughs: Telling a Complex Story Through Podcasting

It’s never been more important to understand the impact of science, and over the past 2 years public interest has peaked in knowing more about their health. Yet the story can be complex, with many weaving plot lines, and it needs a true expert to narrate it.

In this session you’ll hear how the Pfizer digital content team turned to podcasting to reach new audiences, inviting the public to learn more about the stories behind the breakthroughs in an alternative format. With podcast listeners reaching new heights during the pandemic, the team took the opportunity to untangle the complexities of the industry through the voices of those closest to the action.

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