Sam Tomlinson

Executive Vice President

With a background spanning business, data and finance, combined with a unique set of analytics skills, performance marketing expertise and deep understanding of brand, Sam is a radically different kind of marketer – one with a singular focus of making businesses better.

Sam leads Warschawski’s award-winning Digital & Analytics teams in the development, execution and optimization of integrated digital campaigns and measurement strategies. Sam has established a data-driven culture while delivering exceptional bottom-line growth for clients through the fusion of innovative digital strategies with robust, multi-channel marketing campaigns.

A digital native, deep generalist, and passionate innovator, Sam has a unique ability to connect seemingly disparate concepts in novel ways. He brings an unparalleled understanding of the digital ecosystem and how each component can work together to create an exceptional outcome. His experience with specific platforms, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, YouTube, Programmatic/DSPs, and Amazon, and knowledge of strategic and tactical methods give him the ability to craft comprehensive strategies, execute them flawlessly and optimize them relentlessly across dozens of channels. This approach has led to successful outcomes for clients with a wide variety of industries and business models, including, B2B, B2C, B2G, DTC, SaaS, lead generation, and more.

Sam Tomlinson’s Session:

The 2023 Paid Social Playbook

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