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In social media, positive word of mouth can boost a brand by way of increased engagement, all the way to an increase in online sales. User-generated content is even the driving strategy behind many major brands! But how do we reward those who are loyal and supportive? How do we encourage even more posts?

To answer just that, follow along in this session and see how the 2022 Stanley Cup Champions built, leveraged, and rewarded their audience. The Colorado Avalanche drove reach and engagement by capitalizing on their on-ice success as well as a growing fanbase to have the most successful engagement rates and return on investment in recent history across social platforms, with a limited social media budget.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tips for community building 
  • How to identify super fans
  • How to reward and encourage engagement
  • Best practices for next steps with brand advocates

Madeleine McCarty
Social Media Manager
Kroenke Sports & Entertainment