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Consider the acceleration of the social media landscape of the last decade — Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Discord, TikTok, BeReal — and it's safe to say Gen Z grew up navigating the internet and digital communities. They can spot authenticity (or the opposite) online from a mile away. And to no surprise, it's getting harder for retail brands to attract and retain Gen Z consumers on social media as a sales and growth channel. Add the post-COVID shift to digital into the mix for retail brands... We're overdue for creative social media strategies that stick!

In this session, Melissa Li will dig into how next-gen retail brands can leverage social media for icon status and brand longevity among Gen Z — our soon-to-be most potent consumers.

For all the CPG entrepreneurs, brand enthusiasts, and social media managers, this is the place to learn tactically about:

  • The growth of community commerce (social commerce 2.0) powering Gen Z fan favorites
  • Using social media as a powerful engine for product co-creation, social listening, and direct distribution — especially on college campuses
  • The art of engineering viral moments and community flywheels hinges upon novel digital content — and making the social media buzz stick around until they sell



Melissa Li
Managing Partner and Head of Community
Dorm Room Fund