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Kelly Bradley

Senior Content Specialist
CBD Marketing

Kelly’s ability to leverage social media to drive brand awareness, generate leads and position companies as industry thought leaders makes her a sought-after resource. She has helped companies including Firestone Building Products, James Hardie and Voltea amp up their PR and social media presence, training them on media outreach, content generation and content strategy for social platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Kelly is also an expert at leading high-level social listening and trend analysis to support informed growth initiatives. Her experience in developing strong relationships with editors and reporters at major publications is another example of the many reasons she is a valued speaker and trainer.

Kelly Bradley’s Session(s):

How Best Practice Social Media Supports Your Sales and Lead Generation Goals

Social media platforms are a conduit for product information, reviews, referrals, promotions and links, but also offer a valuable opportunity to connect with your customers. As such, social media as a channel has become an integral part of the customer journey for consumer and B2B audiences and ideal for supporting sales and lead generation goals. In fact, more than half of all marketers identified social media marketing as the most effective tactic used for improving lead generation quantity and quality.

In this presentation, join Senior Content Specialist Kelly Bradley as she reviews key, social media best practices that support your sales funnel and deliver on lead generation objectives.

You’ll learn:

  • How to match “platform to persona” to be sure you are leveraging the platforms that your customers actually frequent
  • The importance of profile optimization
  • Organic vs. paid as a growth and lead gen strategy
  • The role of online listening in platform development
  • Value-add content to incentivize interest and leads

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