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Wednesday, June 9, 2021    12:00pm –12:45pm PT

Panel: How to be Nimble & Authentic with Everyday Crisis

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Being nimble and responsive has become more important over the years as topics of conversations on social media have skyrocketed. It’s become essential for brands to evolve and find ways to stay relevant within social as conversations shift, requiring quick content development as well as strategic guidelines covering when it’s appropriate to insert a brand into a conversation. 

This panel will share their guiding principles when developing social and content strategies, with authenticity being at the top of the list -- especially during times of everyday crisis. 

This panel will review topics including:

  • The biggest adaptations and changes these organizations have had to make in 2020 
  • How your brand can breakthrough in a crowded and fast-moving social landscape
  • Suggestions for how to get buy-in and navigate an unwieldy approval process
  • Ways to empower you and your social team to react (or NOT react) to breaking news or viral trends, and the role of data in helping inform decisions
  • The benefits of a small rapid response team to keep key stakeholders in the loop while cutting through gridlock and uncertainty
  • The power of authenticity – no matter what that looks like
  • How to still have fun -- because it’s social media!

Caleb Gardner
Managing Partner
18 Coffees


Natalie Labuda
Senior Director of Marketing, Advertising & Social Media

Jen Beam
Social Media Director, Campaign Outreach

Kelsey Murray
Global Head of Social Media

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