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Allison Brown

Influencer Marketing Manager

Allison Brown has been a leader in Influencer Marketing since 2016 when she spearheaded the program at Kodiak Cakes, a health foods company. At Kodiak Cakes, she uniquely created a program that used experiential events across the country to build relationships and brand awareness. Allison then moved to Factor_ and MiniLuxe, where she created 2 additional high-achieving influencer marketing programs. Allison combined influencer marketing and social media efforts as a director of both departments in her last roles, seeing the benefits of having both run in tandem to achieve the same goals. Now at Bulletproof, Allison oversees an influencer marketing program with growth goals focused on sales and conversions for the brand. Allison also has overseen building and growing influencer marketing programs at various start-up companies through freelance work ranging from fashion to supplement industries. 

Having been in the influencer marketing space for so long, Allison provides a unique outlook on the platforms to use, the people to hire, and the framework needed to create a best-in-class program. She is also a recipient of Utah Business’ 20 in Their 20’s award for her achievements in social media and influencer marketing.

Allison Brown’s Session

9:00 a.m.–9:45 a.m. Pacific Time —

Creating Influencer Marketing Programs To Yield High Growth At Any Budget

Influencer marketing programs and campaigns have changed over the past few years from being brand awareness drivers to high growth drivers in businesses. Finding the right metrics to track as well as how to track the success of a program can be a challenge for large and small companies alike. The same principles for creating a high-yielding conversion program can be applied to any size company and any size team. In this talk you'll:

  • Walk away with the knowledge of how to set up a program for success from scratch 
  • Learn how to adapt your campaigns and program from a zero-dollar influencer budget up to millions. 
  • Learn of some of the pitfalls and mistakes most commonly made with beginning an influencer marketing program for lower-funnel marketing
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