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Lauren Goldman

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing

OrganiCare’s mission is to create all-natural and organic OTC healthcare products that are safe, effective and simply better than the petrochemical-based, drug-laden products used by most consumers today. OrganiCare's product line, FemiClear, is sold in almost all the big box stores. FemiClear is a company led by women, breaking boundaries in over-the-counter women’s health.

As the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Lauren focuses on the CRM channel primarily, as well as performance-based media across all channels. Lauren takes pride in her willingness to learn and grow in the ever-evolving digital space and advocates for a full funnel, multi-channel marketing plan.

Lauren Goldman’s Session

12:30 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. Pacific Time —

iOS14 + Facebook Privacy Updates - How Marketers Can Pivot Their Social Advertising Strategies

iOS 14.5 was the notable update made in mid-2021 that prompts iPhone/iPad users to opt out of tracking in apps that share data with third parties. In response to Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) update, Facebook was forced to purge data from opted-out users as well as update conversions into a 7-day click attribution window that would be delayed up to 3 days. As more users opted out of tracking, audience pools shrank and delivery costs (CPMs) increased. In this session, Lauren will share her experience and expertise on strategic ways to combat the inevitable changes in the social space.

Focus Points:

  • Adopt Conversions API across all social platforms. Lauren will share what this is and why you should implement CAPI for tracking purposes.
  • How iOS 14.5 has changed the way social marketers target their desired audience.
  • Ways to find the most accurate audience such as utilizing Facebook’s Event Matching Score.
  • Where you should pivot your investments in the marketing funnel, due to these changes.


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