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The Dark Funnel, Data Disruptions and the Future of Social Media

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Today’s marketers are experiencing gaps in the reporting of their customer’s buying journey - aka ‘The Dark Funnel’ - which makes understanding the best ways to market to shoppers a constant challenge.  Ongoing data privacy limitations add to the complex problems marketers face.

Kristen Wiley, Founder/CEO of Statusphere - a technology platform that scales micro-influencer marketing - will break down how calculating marketing attribution has changed and share best practices for brands looking to grow in the community commerce space. She’ll discuss how marketers can develop a consistent stream of UGC to support brand awareness goals, build audience trust and create customers through conversations. 

Attendees will learn:

  • Why traditional attribution models don’t work anymore
  • Strategies for calculating marketing attribution in the “dark funnel”
  • Tracking tips, tools, and techniques to optimize your dark funnel strategy


Kristen Wiley
Founder & CEO

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