Britt Peterson Fero


With a passion for growth, innovation, and human insight, Britt has built her career helping a wide range of recognized brands re-energize their businesses locally, nationally, and globally. Over her career, Britt has helped build and turn around brands including Kraft Heinz, United Airlines, the International Olympic Committee, the Islands of the Bahamas, American Girl, Aflac, Anheuser Busch, among others. 

Prior to founding PB&, Britt was the chief strategy & media officer at Publicis Seattle, where she drove the agency’s overall strategy and led the charge in unlocking clients’ business potential. Prior to Publicis, Britt was a partner at Cole & Weber United and spent the majority of her career at Fallon in both Minneapolis & New York, a place where she learned the importance and power of culture, curiosity, compassion, and creativity.

Britt Peterson Fero’s Session

8:40 a.m.–9:10 a.m. Pacific — Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Driving Engagement in Less-Than-Engaging Categories

Learning, transportation, locks, insurance, mattresses, sales software. Are you bored yet? While brands like Taco Bell, AirBNB and Doritos offer endless opportunities in social, what about categories that are naturally less ‘fun’? In this session, we’ll look at how any brand - regardless of the category – can embrace social media and build consumer engagement and conversation.

You’ll learn: 

  • Three keys to breaking through social to build engaging experiences.
  • How to think about evaluating platforms to understand the role they should or shouldn’t play for your brand.
  • Real-life ways brands such as Salesforce, DuoLingo, Windermere Real Estate and Transportation Boards as well as brands in between have delivered high engagement despite their low-interest categories.  
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