John Hinson

Editorial Director
Spotlight Branding
John Hinson is the Editorial Director for Spotlight Branding, a content marketing agency that help solo and small legal and financial pros increase their referrals and attract the right kinds of clients through their content. John is also the host of two popular industry podcasts, Law Firm Marketing Minute and Center Stage.

John Hinson’s Session

Small Business Social Media - How to Build Trust and Showcase Your Expertise

Your current and future clients and customers are going to be on social media, so why not meet them there? For many big brands, the name of the game is engagement. But when it comes to small businesses, especially professional service providers, you need to establish your credibility and show your audience that you're the business they should be working with.
In this session, you'll learn about what kinds of content to post to your profiles, what metrics to keep an eye on, and more. While the social media landscape is designed to entertain its users, there's plenty of room for small businesses to craft a space to educate and showcase their expertise.
You'll learn:
  • How to build a content calendar that helps you post consistently
  • The right kinds of metrics to gauge success and how to track them
  • Insider tips for getting the most out of the biggest platforms
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