James Vetrano

Principal & Lead Consultant
26/26 Digital

A Fortune 500 social media executive-turned-consultant/business owner, James is an industry-recognized expert who helps businesses of all sizes achieve growth using today’s social media platforms.

James Vetrano’s Session

8:40 a.m.–9:10 a.m. Pacific — Thursday, June 15, 2023

How Marketers Can Create Ads That Stand Out in Busy Feeds and Drive Real Growth

Today's consumer is bombarded with ads on social media (to say the least). So how do you break through the noise and get your ads to perform in such a crowded market?

In this highly engaging and immersive session, James will dissect actual social media ads from companies in real time, revealing all-too-common mistakes advertisers make and showing you exactly how you can avoid them to make your campaigns more successful.

In doing so, he'll teach you the dos and don'ts of social media advertising and provide practical, real-world tips on how you can instantly create more successful ads that will grow your business.

After this session, you'll learn:

-- Exactly what you should, and should not, include in your ad's images and videos in order to stand out in today's cluttered feeds and hook your customers' attention -- Expert copywriting tips, tricks and hacks to incorporate to spark action from your audience -- Consumer psychology practices to incorporate that will trigger desired responses among your customers -- How to tap into customers' emotions to significantly improve your campaigns' success rates

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