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One of the unique aspects of paid social media is that the platform knows who its audience is - they all have to log in to access it. As marketers, this gives us some superpowers when it comes to reaching our audience with exactly the right message at exactly the right time. 

Join Steve Robinson as he works you through three techniques for targeting and retargeting that perfect audience. With hands-on labs, Steve will walk you through the basics - through advanced techniques for using your proprietary first-party data to drive massive engagement. We will use Meta as our platform in the labs, but most of these techniques apply to other social platforms as well.

You will learn:

  • How to set up your pixels for maximum efficacy using Google Tag Manager
  • A methodology for building "smart" retargeting audiences that go beyond just who viewed what product or page
  • The best practices of CRM targeting and then how to take CRM targeting to the next level, to drive significantly higher match rates
  • Techniques for retargeting off video views that scale beyond single videos
  • How to best build campaigns inside of platforms to get the most of these audiences

NOTE: Please come with access to Google Tag Manager (if you don't have GTM, you can follow these instructions to create a container) and Meta (Facebook) Business Manager



Lecture: Paid social vs other paid media

Lecture: Basic retargeting using the pixel

Lab: set up your pixel in GTM

Lecture: Smarter retargeting using GTM and pixel parameters

Lab: set up pixel parameters


Lecture: Building smarter audiences

Lab: build a smart retargeting audience

Lecture: Retargeting off engagement - at scale

Lab: Set up your video retargeting spreadsheet


Lecture: CRM targeting best practices

Lecture: Advanced CRM targeting techniques

Lab: Set up external_id in your pixel code

Lecture: Best practices for using first-party audiences


Steve Robinson
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