Patrick Benson

Director of Digital, Social, and Influencer Marketing
El Pollo Loco

As the Director of Digital, Social, and Influencer Marketing at El Pollo Loco, Patrick Benson has transformed the brand’s digital presence. He successfully grew El Pollo Loco’s TikTok audience to over 150,000 followers and initiated the brand's first-ever influencer partnerships. His efforts focus on curating impactful influencer marketing campaigns, skillfully navigating the intricate balance between macro and micro-influencers to optimize brand visibility and audience engagement.

His expertise spans the entertainment and food and beverage industries, where he has successfully collaborated with various brands and clients. Patrick's innovative approaches in social media have garnered attention from prominent publications such as AdAge, Deadline, Mashable, Buzzfeed, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and Entertainment Weekly.

Beginning his career in entertainment, Patrick shaped the social media landscape for major studios like NBC, FOX, and CBS for their Emmy Award-winning show, Entertainment Tonight. At FOX, he pioneered the social media strategy for groundbreaking shows such as American Idol and Empire, achieving record-breaking engagement. Recognized for his contributions to the field, Patrick was named on the Brand Innovators '40 Under 40’ West Coast list in 2021. 

Patrick Benson’s Session

8:45 a.m.–9:30 a.m. PT — Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Panel: "Brandformance": How Marketers Are Combining Brand and Performance Marketing on Social

Discover the intersection of emotive brand storytelling and performance-driven metrics in this panel discussion, "Brandformance: How Marketers Are Combining Brand and Performance Marketing on Social." Dive into the innovative strategies that bridge the gap between brand identity and measurable outcomes, propelling brands to new heights of success on social media platforms. Join industry experts as they unveil the secrets behind achieving "Brandformance" marketing, from the art of blending creativity with data to the transformative impact of influencer partnerships. Don't miss this opportunity to explore the dynamic landscape where brand authenticity meets performance-driven results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prioritizing brand identity and experience
  • Leveraging social media data for creative targeted ad campaigns
  • Harnessing the performance power of influencer marketing
  • Defining essential KPI's for success and performance tracking
  • Top platforms for performance marketing efforts
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