Gabrielle Swanton

Manager, Social Commerce, Content, & Campaigns

Gabrielle is a passionate marketer driven to understand the human psyche and fueled by injecting business with empathy. After garnering strong foundational skills agency-side, working on everything from new business to campaign execution, she transitioned brand-side and unearthed a keenness for helping brands blossom into leaders of the cultural zeitgeist. Her current role at the Fortune 1 focuses on redefining what it means to shop online – ­­blending social media with eCommerce to spark customer discovery and create frictionless experiences. Brand purpose has always been the forefront of her professional fulfillment, and Gabrielle resonates with Walmart’s mission of enabling individuals to save precious dollars in order to live better in the way that’s true to them. After work hours, you can find her binging the latest reality TV show, taking HIIT classes at the neighborhood gym, watching endless video essays on YouTube, and exploring food hotspots in her home of New York City.

Gabrielle Swanton’s Session

8:00 a.m.–8:45 a.m. PT — Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Leveraging Social Listening Insights to Keep Your Content Relevant and Timely

In 2024, the days of a well-planned content calendar are behind us in favor of addressing an accelerating whirlpool of so-called social trends. Every social manager’s job now becomes trying to grab the shining pearl of virality out of the whirlpool before getting sucked into the abyss. Which begs the question: where do I even start? How do I funnel the endless stream of social chatter into meaningful insights? How should I action on the insights in a way that my audience will appreciate? And how do I do it quickly, before their attention moves onto something else? In this session, we’ll dive into how to be a student of the customer, how to set up your social listening methodology, and how to create a content strategy that works for your brand.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Effective social listening strategies
  • Best practices for transforming insights into content
  • Tips for gaining cross-functional buy-in
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