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Do you ever get dizzy looking at your social content calendar? If so, you’re not alone. I find the Dave Matthews Band lyrics, “so much to say, so much to say, so much to say” playing on repeat in my mind as I parse through our plethora of content, we aim to publish to socials each month. At any given moment in most organizations, there could be hundreds of pieces of content fit for your social pages, and it is on us social media marketers to make sense of it all and publish to social in the most meaningful and authentic way. No pressure.

In this session I’ll outline some of the tactics you can put right into practice to help you hit pause on the unnecessary high volume of noise that our channels can inevitably gush out and by doing so, we can create some much-needed breathing room for important brand story telling.

We’ll dive into the below five tactics and along with real world success stories of putting them into practice.

1. Defining your content frequency
2. Calling for quality content
3. Analyzing focus by platform
4. Planning placement by platform
5. Telling your story creatively


Katrina Parr
Global Social Media Strategist
Rockwell Automation