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You might not think promoting your brand on social media has much in common with promoting the latest superhero TV show, but you'd be surprised. Three years ago, J.S. Stansel left his job as a university social media manager to be a freelancer in the entertainment industry, working on social media for TV series, films, and comic books. In that time, he found the techniques studios were using to promote their properties could also be used for brands of all sorts to help them better reach their audiences and understand their needs. In this presentation, we'll discuss how the same social media strategies that the entertainment industry uses to promote movies and television shows can be applied to your brand; from social listening to discover what fans want, to finding and engaging with influencers, and everything in between.

Key takeaways:

  • Leverage social listening to find key insights into how your audience perceives your brand
  • Engage and grow communities around your brand
  • Turn passive audiences into engaged followers

Jon-Stephen Stansel
Freelance Social Media Strategist