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Brands that are winning today understand that interrupting consumers with heavily produced TV spots is no longer the way to build a brand or attract customers. In fact, people have figured out every which way to block advertising.

But that doesn’t mean people don’t like discovering new products – supporting and talking about brands they love. Just look at Liquid Death, a water brand that went from an idea to a billion dollar business in a few years with almost no traditional advertising. Or Stanley, a company that has been around for over a century but saw sales explode after connecting with the right group of influencers.

The new formula is about understanding what works today to attract social media attention and use that to build a loyal community that drives sales. 

In this presentation, Jason will share case studies of brands that have done this well and then lead an interactive workshop on how you can apply this same framework for your brand. You will leave with a blueprint for how to create a social-centric marketing framework that drives full-funnel growth. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • The new social media tactics and strategies that some of the world's most beloved brands online use to turn audiences into growth
  • A new metrics-driven formula for recognizing and growing brand loyalty
  • How to supercharge your brand-storytelling to get the right type of attention
  • How to build your own blueprint for different brand and audience scenarios



Jason Mitchell
Movement Strategy