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In this online workshop, Amy Singleton will guide corporate social media managers through a comprehensive journey, from crafting a compelling brand narrative to mastering the art of efficient content creation and harnessing the power of data analytics. The session kicks off with the StoryBrand Framework, offering a deep dive into creating clear, engaging messages that resonate with audiences across social platforms. Amy will then shift focus to practical strategies for bulk content creation and planning, emphasizing the importance of a cohesive content calendar to balance quality with quantity, ensuring your social media presence is both vibrant and strategically aligned.

The workshop culminates with a critical exploration of social media data analytics, where Amy demystifies key metrics and their impact on campaign success. Through hands-on activities, participants will engage in real-world scenarios, analyzing data to refine content strategies and optimize posting schedules for maximum engagement.

Key takeaways include:

  • Mastering the StoryBrand Framework to clarify your brand's message on social media.
  • Techniques for efficient bulk content creation and scheduling to maintain a consistent online presence.
  • Strategies for developing a cohesive content calendar that aligns with your brand's goals.
  • Understanding and leveraging key social media metrics to inform strategic decisions.
  • Practical experience in data analysis to enhance your brand's social media strategy and ROI.


Module 1: Clarifying Your Message with the StoryBrand Framework (30-Minutes)

  • Introduction to the StoryBrand Framework
  • Crafting a Clear and Compelling Message for Your Brand
  • Applying StoryBrand Principles to Social Media Content
  • Examples and Case Studies
  • Breakout Activity (15 minutes)
    • Activity: Participants refine their brand's message using the StoryBrand template.
    • Objective: Develop a clear, concise brand message for social media.

15-Minute Break

Module 2: Efficient Content Creation and Planning for Social Media (30-Minutes)

  • Strategies for Bulk Content Creation: Maximizing Efficiency
  • Tools for Planning and Scheduling
  • Creating a Cohesive Content Calendar
  • Balancing Quality and Quantity in Content Production
  • Breakout Activity (15 minutes)
    • Activity: Create a content calendar for a month, incorporating bulk creation techniques.
    • Objective: Practice planning and scheduling content efficiently.

15-Minute Break

Session 3: Social Media Data Analytics (30 minutes)

A crucial part of optimizing social media strategy: DATA.

  • Understanding Key Metrics
    • Review the significance of metrics like engagement rate, reach, and click-through rate.
    • Discuss their relation to campaign success.
  • Tools and Platforms
    • Introduction of popular analytics tools (Google Analytics, social media insights).
    • Review how to access and interpret data.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making
    • Discuss using data to refine content strategy and posting times.
    • Share tips on A/B testing and measuring ROI.
  • Breakout Activity (15 minutes)
    • Attendees will split into breakout rooms. Each group will be assigned a set of social media data that they will analyze & suggest changes to improve that brand’s social media strategy. 
    • Discussion will follow

Remaining time will be used for open Q&A


Amy Singleton
Hite Digital Norman