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Yendy Rojo

Associate Director of Social Media

Yendy is a digital marketing expert, specializing in paid and organic social media for leading multi-segment agency Orci and acting as the liaison between its audience and brand marketing teams. She has a full spectrum of experience in the content development process, ranging from identifying audience insights to strategy and content development, as well as distribution. She has used her expertise to support the launch of major brands into the U.S. Hispanic audience across the automotive, CPG, banking and retail industries.

With a background in sociology and public relations, Yendy identifies behavioral and cultural trends that will connect with audiences and create talk value. She leads teams across content development, influencer campaigns, branded content, and experiential activations, and is passionate about embracing the only constant in social media—change—necessarily guiding clients to adapt and thrive. Before joining Orcí, Yendy was a publicist at PR agency Conexion, and also led the digital and social arm of a lifestyle startup.

Yendy Rojo’s Session

Fighting Bias: Combating Stereotypes Around Multicultural Consumers to Target Them in All the Right Ways

Adding a Latinx celebrity to an existing campaign, then calling it a day, is one way to try your hand at multicultural marketing. But that doesn’t speak to diverse audiences--at least not in the right way, and not with the right tone.

As marketers, we have a collective responsibility to understand and serve our customers in all the right ways, which includes ensuring we properly understand our audiences, their needs and their cultural nuances so that we can use elements which speak to them specifically. 

After this session, you will have an enhanced understanding of:

  • How to recognize when you are tapping into damaging stereotypes

  • How to implement key motivators that keep audiences and their attention, as opposed to turning them away 

  • How brands can benefit from properly connecting with multicultural audiences

  • How to build long-term relationships with Latinx creators

  • How to turn stereotypes figures into heroes  

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