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Vernon Johnson

Paid Social Evangelist
3Q Digital

Vernon Johnson is the Paid Social Evangelist at 3Q. His role primarily involves helping to identify best practices and cross channel account trends to help himprove performance. He has helped drive revenue and performance for clients including Pinterest, CuriosityStream, Stubhub. Vernon has been in marketing for 8 years and at 3Q for 3. He's passionate about paid social, creative storytelling, and productivity.

Vernon Johnson’s Session(s):

Scaling Your Paid Media in Emerging Platforms

Brand new social platforms are emerging almost monthly, with advertisers being pressured to deliver consistent results while also being early adopters of these new emerging technologies. With new platforms like TikTok, or even smaller ones like Quora or Snapchat, how can you know which one is the right fit?

In their presentation, Zenia and Vernon will share a winning strategy, where they outline:

  • The newest social platforms that are delivering the best results for our clients
  • Understanding if a platform is the right fit for your customers
  • The ideal testing methodology to determine the impact of running media on a new channel
  • How to develop a creative and messaging theme that will resonate with your core audience regardless of platform

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