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Thursday, October 29, 2020    8:45 am–9:30 am PDT

The One-Person Social Team: Scrappy Social Media Strategies with Big Impact

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Do you ever look at a brand’s social media presence and automatically assume a team of 20 is making that magic happen? Chances are it is actually a smaller team, a team of one. In this session, Katelyn Brower, Social Media Manager of Sterling, will help you become a stronger social media manager as you act as a team of one for your organization. You'll learn how to better strategize, prioritize, partner with teams across the organization, and most importantly deliver results. Strength comes in small numbers, let Katelyn show you how!

Takeaways include:

  • Working across the entire organization (not just marketing) to boost brand awareness, lead generation, and client success/support
  • Optimizing content to fit across multiple social media platforms, multiple times
  • Prioritizing your time and projects as a one-person team


Katelyn Brower
Director, Social Media & Public Relations

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