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Courtney Redford

Digital Advertising Manager
Radio Systems Corporation

With over 5 years of digital marketing experience across varying business verticals, Courtney has developed a unique approach to marketing. Her background in journalism gives her a foundation of storytelling to build customer relationships and drive revenue for the business. She is currently the Digital Advertising Manager at Radio Systems Corporation, the leading global pet product manufacturer. When she isn’t optimizing ads you can find her spending time with her two dogs, Teddy and Elsa.

Courtney Redford’s Session

3 Actionable Next Steps to Structure Your eCommerce Facebook Business Manager

This session will focus on how to set up an account structure in Facebook to help achieve high ROAS while reaching new customers. As advertisers, we know there is a balance between filling the funnel and converting customers. What is the right balance between prospecting and retargeting? How do your account for testing new creative and audiences? We will talk through all of that and you will walk away with the following.

  • A simple, proven structure you can replicate for every ecomm brand
  • Tools you should leverage to help report on this structure
  • How you can tailor creative to each audience
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