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Maxime Hoppenot

Account Manager & Video Content Expert

Hailing from New Jersey, Maxime is a video content expert at PlayPlay by day and a terrible yet enthusiastic dancer by night. Relentlessly optimistic and loves people.

Maxime Hoppenot’s Session

8:25am - 8:40am PDT —

How to Use Video to Transform Your Corp. Comms Strategy

Video is no longer a 'nice-to-have' when it comes to corporate communication. Whether it's highlighting your company's projects, bringing awareness to your brand, or engaging with your stakeholders—video is able to convey and deliver information in a simple yet powerful way that resonates with your audience. Join video experts from PlayPlay in this session to learn about:

  • Why you need to use video for corp. comms now
  • What kind of videos you need to create for corp comms + how to create them easily
  • How PlayPlay can help create them efficiently
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