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Infusing Your Employees & Leadership Into Your Social Content

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Brands, for the most part, have historically remained faceless entities on social media. But more and more, customers are becoming curious about the people behind the brand -- influencing purchase decisions and brand loyalty. In this session, Brandi Briggs, AT&T's Social Media Director, will share how and why her team started featured employees and leadership on their social channels, infusing their voices into AT&T's social content. You'll learn about AT&T's Amplify Black Voices and Valentines Day campaigns, along with their Social Media Advocates Program, as examples of how they brought employee voices to life. 

You'll learn: 

  • Tips on how to highlight employees on social media, including the best platforms to use
  • Understanding the difference between employees and influencers
  • Knowing when and when not to use UGC
  • Tracking results & measuring success
  • How to kickstart an executive presence when they aren't on social media


Brandi Briggs
Social Media Director

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