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Save your time! Be Strategic and Make Effortlessly Looking Reels & Instagram Stories in Seconds

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Instagram has officially announced itself as a video-centered platform, so the priority of Reels is at an all time high. But let's be real, making Reels is not as easy as it looks. It's hard to know where to start and it's easy to overthink the process and make videos that don't end up performing. It is also hard to distinguish Reels from TikToks - they are not created equal! Make TikToks instead of Reels and the algorithm Gods will NOT favor you. 
Instagram continues to be a "homebase" for many brands. An Instagram profile should show off your branding and be unique to your brand, but with Reels becoming prioritized it becomes harder and harder to keep up with that highly sought-after aesthetic Instagram feed. Learn how to take advantage of the reach Instagram Reels offers without sacrificing a good-looking, branded feed.
Lastly, with Reels being in the spot-light, it is easy to overlook Instagram stories. It is getting harder and harder to grab the attention of social media users and with only the tap of a finger your content can easily be dismissed. It is important to be aware of tips and tricks for Instagram stories in order to get your views up. 
Key Takeaways: 
  • Understand Reels strategy and maximize the potential of your reach. 
  • Learn how to utilize native and external tools in order to produce Instagram Reels in seconds that the Instagram Reels algorithm will favor without sacrificing your branded feed.
  • Tips & tricks to bring up your Instagram story views. 


Nicole Cruz
Social Media Manager
Hard Rock Nightlife

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