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The Remarkability Formula: How to Stand Out Online and Off

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As a brand manager, you've optimized your website for Google. You're active on social media. You're running digital and print ads wherever your ideal customers spend time. Unfortunately, so is everyone else.

What was once cutting edge is now just common sense; what once made your brand stand out now makes you part of the herd. So what can you do? How can you stand out once again?

Rich Brooks believes you and your brand are remarkable. That there's something that you do--or could do--that would make you truly remarkable and the perfect option for your ideal customer. But how do you uncover this remarkability, and how do you communicate it in the right place with the right message to the right person?

In this session you'll discover:

  • The four-step process in uncovering what makes your company or brand remarkable (worth remarking upon)
  • How to create a nearly unassailable position in the marketplace
  • How to communicate that remarkability to your ideal customer


Rich Brooks
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