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On one hand we have the Gen-Z sense of humor, memes, UGC, TikTok, and Threads. It seems that what performs on social media requires brands to produce casual and funny click-bait. On the other hand, you’re reporting to business execs, marketing, and brand teams that want polished, high-strategy communication. How do you find the balance between so many competing priorities? It can be a dance with memes, mission-driven content or marketing driven content.
In this session, you’ll learn how to provide your audience what they want and need while making all your stakeholders happy. Leveraging tactics including influencer features, educational content, trending sounds, founder’s messages, etc. has helped Mixhers expand quickly while staying true to the Mixhers’ mission. This session will highlight lessons the Mixhers team has learned this past year, while providing actionable insights and takeaways to help you find the sweet spot for your content strategy and stakeholders.
  • Understand your audience and your duty to them.
  • Identify your stakeholders and align your loyalties accordingly.
  • Find the intersection of engaging content that aligns with your mission and marketing goals. 

Bethany Bulloch
PR & Social Media Manager