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Discover the untapped potential of thought leadership as the most effective tool to showcase your organization's value, even surpassing traditional advertising or product marketing, according to B2B buyers. In fact, during economic downturns, high-quality thought leadership holds even greater sway over decision-making, with 50% of C-suite executives citing its impact (Source: 2022 LinkedIn-Edelman B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report). Learn how to transform your leaders into social media superstars, harnessing their expertise to elevate your brand's presence. Explore effective strategies to position your organization as a thought leader, identifying opportunities in challenging times, and captivating your target audience. Join Katie McKiever's session to unlock the true potential of thought leadership, unleash your brand's superpower, and propel your success in a dynamic digital landscape.


  1. The Power of Thought Leadership: Understand how thought leadership can be your company's secret weapon in the realm of social media.
  2. Strategies for Effective Thought Leadership: Discover practical tactics to position your organization as a thought leader.
  3. How to Make it Happen: Tips and Tools to Get Entire Organization Buy-In

Katie McKiever
Social Media Consultant
Katie McKiever LLC