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Data is no longer the cutting edge. It is part of our daily lives, and the businesses that aren't successfully integrating it into their decision-making processes are at risk of getting left behind. It's like entering an arena blindfolded when your competition can see. Yet, the truth is that many aspects of data can still seem very intimidating to marketers and business managers alike.

This talk will use the Google Ecosystem of Data Tools to uncover the concepts fundamental to data literacy for business managers and social media marketers. This includes demystifying terms like UTM codes and URL Parameters, making them less intimidating and more practically useful.

At the end of this session, you'll be able to:

  • Understand how different components of a Marketing Data Tech Stack fit together
  • Understand the function of Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and even Google BigQuery for Social Media Marketing Analytics
  • Use a free template designed for Social Media Marketers to take advantage of Google Data Studio's visualization functionality 
  • Understand and leverage UTM Parameters, Custom Dimensions, Metrics, and Events like never before to demonstrate the ROI of SMM efforts
  • Finally, the talk will come chock-full of further resources for learning and free templates for immediate use.


Part 1: Data Basics Fundamentals (20 Minutes)

  • Covering: What everything boils down to; facts and attributes, measures (or metrics) and dimensions. The various names yet simple concept that lies at the foundation of Data Literacy.

- 5 Minute Break - 

Part 2: Data Components used in Marketing Analytics (30 Minutes)

  • Metrics, Events, Dimensions, Parameters of the UTM variety and URL location; what does it all mean? Going from the foundation to platform specific nomenclature.

- 5 Minute Break - 

Part 3: A Tech Stack for Marketing Data Infrastructure (30 Minutes)

  • What are Tag Managers, CDP’s, CRM’s, Data Warehouses, etc… how do they fit together and when do need you each of them?

- 5 Minute Break - 

Part 4: Google (and other) Tools for Data Infrastructure (30 Minutes)

  • Understand the function (mostly Google, and mostly free) Tools play in Data Infrastructure: Mapping out Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics (UA and GA4), Google Data Studio, and even Google BigQuery

- 5 Minute Break - 

Part 5: Putting it all together (20 Minutes)

  • Examples of Client Dashboards that were built with that infrastructure as well as talking through how understanding these can make you a better Social Media Marketer

- 5 Minute Break - 

Part 6: Practical Application: Taking it Home (25 Minutes)

  • Interactive walkthrough – anyone that has access to a Google Analytics Property can follow along as we connect it to a Google Data Studio Dashboard template built for Social Media Marketers

Followed by Q & A


Andres Marquez
Growth Marketing Consultant
Results First Marketer