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In today’s digital marketing era, maintaining a consistent and engaging social media presence shouldn’t break your budget or drain all your resources.

You will leave this session knowing how to better create and mobilize a holistic strategy that focuses on the strengths of your organic and paid social media tactics while driving engagement, elevating your brand and supporting demand generation.

This session will cover:

  • How to develop your social media audience based on your ICP (ideal customer profile) and how to consistently engage your followers with persona focused content.
  • Best practices for identifying successful organic content that can be further amplified for paid re-targeting efforts.
  • Creative employee advocacy tactics that you can use to generate unique organic content that is perfect for boosting or setting the stage for a higher CTA ad.
  • What metrics should you focus on to identify in real-time a successful paid/organic campaign and how to articulate that to leadership.
  • Tactics that will enable marketers, at both smaller startups and enterprise level organizations, to better analyze data from paid initiatives to fuel higher engagement organic posts and visa versa.

Ryan Mitchell
Manager, Social Media
Vertex Inc.