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Ian Beacraft

VP, Group Director: Strategy and Innovation

Ian leads the Creative Technology Practice for Epsilon, Agency. He is a former tech entrepreneur with deep experience in mobile and emerging platforms. He started his agency career at Leo Burnett where he was the global SME for mobile. There worked with clients like Miller-Coors, Coca-Cola, Nintendo of America, Samsung, and All State, to build digital and social campaigns that won more than two dozen awards, including international recognition for innovation and cross-channel marketing. He also established the New and Emerging Technologies practice, a business unit designed to explore the most important upcoming changes in technology and assist clients in building their digital infrastructure to take advantage of these trends. At Epsilon, his focus is to build upon the digital and data-based foundation of the company and imbue creative work with a customer-centric approach across all channels. In his free time, he advises a number marketing tech startups, reads incessantly, and enjoys a tad too much coffee.

Ian Beacraft’s Session(s):

1:00 pm–1:45 pm PDT — Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Closing Keynote: Future Forward: Navigating the Next Evolution of Social Media

As social media professionals our work sits at the intersection of the culture and technology; the nexus of trends and innovation, where the next big thing is always just about to happen. Strategy, content production, and communication will experience an incredible change in the next several years, as social media continuously expands to include new technologies, platforms, and business models. How will this happen, and how can we make use of these insights in our day to day work?

In the third installment of this annual keynote, Ian explores the near and distant future of social media, communications technology and their impact on culture and commerce.

Takeaways include:

  • How surprising applications of artificial intelligence will change both what we see and what we create for the social feed 
  • How new tools will drive a surge in Immersive content 
  • Understand the coming revolution in social networking that will change the face of social platforms for decades to come
  • Which skills will drive successful consumer engagement in the next 2-5 years and exactly how to build them - including resources you can use today.

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