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Scott Emalfarb

Fresh Content Society

Scott Emalfarb has 10 years of experience helping local and global businesses design, manage, and grow their social media communities. Living and breathing social media for the past 10 years allows him to confidently navigate the complex social media ecosystem and understands how to establish and achieve company goals leveraging the power of social media.

Scott Emalfarb’s Session(s):

Is Your Social Media Content Fresh, Timely, and Relevant?

Keeping up and developing posts and ads constantly is not an easy task, but necessary for any successful social media community. Blending art and science, Scott Emalfarb is going to break down how to keep your social media content fresh and more importantly engaging.  After this session, attendees will take away a better understanding of how to create fresh content that is socially relevant and how to measure that content to understand the performance around a content strategy.

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