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Tuesday, June 9, 2020    11:00 am–11:40 am PDT

Producing Consistent Content with Limited Resources for Small Businesses

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Brands can often leave social at the bottom of the priority ladder - creating social content as an afterthought, rather than a core tenet of marketing strategy. In her talk, Liz will focus on ideas for keeping a robust content funnel full as a small brand with limited time, money, and design/photo resources to dedicate to keeping social fresh. 

Liz will share the (free!) content calendar system she uses, tips for taking and editing photos on your phone without a photography background, and ways to create graphics without any design software. I’ll also dive into content ideas and categories that any small business can pull. 


  • How to do photoshoots in your office in 2 hours for $50
  • How to design graphics you would post without Adobe Creative Suite or a design background
  • How to build a content calendar through content category types so you know in advance what you’ll post and how you’ll source the content
  • How to report on social media impact for executives


Liz Wassmann
Brand Manager
Farmer's Fridge

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