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Addressing Issues in Fraud Detection, Fake Social Activity, and Audience Health

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Fraud in B2B and B2C influencer marketing is a well-known problem.  Fortunately, there are - tools to help you detect fake followers on social media, but how do you ultimately decide who are the relevant influencers for your campaigns? And more importantly, do those influencers have the audience you are trying to reach and influence? 

We have all heard about the fake follower farms and gamified influence which makes it seem overwhelming and even futile, but in this session, Amisha and Tom will guide you through the process to analyze and discover the “real” influencers for your brand. 

What you’ll walk away with:

  • Tips and tools you can use to detect fake social followers and engagement.
  • A proven method for sussing out who’s got influence and who doesn’t.
  • How to analyze an influencer’s audience interactions and detect fraudulent activity.


Amisha Gandhi
VP, Influencer Marketing & Communications

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