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Strategies for Building Strong Social Media Communities During Difficult Times

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For years, social media has been shifting away from its social roots to become more of a branding marketplace; however, the COVID-19 pandemic swung the pendulum back in the social direction. During these difficult times, more people appreciate the value of a real community, not just the number of likes on a post. In this new normal, brands need to adapt to the current environment, which often means building relationships — and ideally whole communities — rather than trying to go for the sale. In this presentation, Carlos Gil, author of The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI, an international public speaker and an award-winning digital marketer with over a decade of experience leading social media strategy for global brands including LinkedIn, will show you how to build stronger social media communities during difficult times.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • How to be empathetic to your community's needs during times of crisis, including valuable crisis communications tips for social media.
  • Examples of how notable brands, including Verizon, SAP, and Burger King, are thriving in the era of COVID-19 from a marketing and awareness standpoint.
  • Strategies for activating your employees and industry influencers as advocates to humanize your brand. 
  • Tips for staying top of mind in the eyes of consumers by participating in challenges such as the #ALLINCHALLENGE.
  • How to tap into new, emerging platforms to reach your customers and employees.
  • Tools for outsourcing resources and optimizing your brand's content. 


Carlos Gil
The End of Marketing

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