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Day 2 Programs

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Main Stage Sessions

9:10 a.m–9:50 am PDT

Keynote: #ValuableVoices: The Evolution of Influence

Kerrie Smith
Content Strategy Lead

Influencer marketing has been widely debated - one week it’s dying a slow death, the next, it’s the answer to every marketer’s problems. The fact is, it’s here to stay. Consumers are particular about how they let in advertising into their daily lives, and influencer marketing is widely accepted. On most social media platforms, influencers are known for producing visual eye candy, but on Twitter, they’re recognized for their voice. This key difference creates an opportunity to more authentically deliver a message on behalf of a brand. 

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How top brands are partnering with influencers on Twitter to stand out in unexpected ways 
  • The simple, creative principles that will help you drive conversation

10:00 a.m–10:45 am PDT

Keynote: Change As a Core Competency: Communicating for the Next Crisis

Caleb Gardner
Managing Partner

Social media success depends not just on great social media strategy and execution, but on adapting your entire organization to be able to take advantage of new opportunities in technology and communications. That was true before COVID-19, but now the ability to change quickly will be the difference between survival and irrelevance. Digital transformation is a team sport, and everyone needs to be in the game. Using case studies from his career in strategy and innovation consulting -- and especially examples from his experience running successful digital teams at the highest levels -- Caleb Gardner will talk about how to make change a core competency, so you're prepared not just for this crisis but for the next one.

12:40 pm–1:20 pm PDT

Keynote: How to Build Trust and Reach Your Customers Organically Across Social Media

Tyler Anderson
Founder and CEO

Are you continuing to see declining reach and engagement across Facebook and Instagram? While everyone says businesses must adopt a "pay to play" strategy, not all businesses have an infinite ad budget. What if there was highly engaging content about your business flowing across social media that was trustworthy and all appearing organically? That would be awesome, right? After this inspiring, example-filled, presentation from Tyler Anderson, you'll leave with a step-by-step checklist to get your customers and brand advocates to create endless amounts of content about your product or service. You'll discover why content created by your customers is so impactful, how to get your customers to create content that influences purchasing decisions, how to leverage user-generated content to fuel your marketing, and much more.

Program C: Paid Media Strategies

11:00 am–12:00 pm PDT

LIVE WORKSHOP: Bringing New Life to Your Words: Magical Ways to Improv Your Writing (That’s Not a Typo!)

Mary Olivieri
EVP, Executive Creative Director

Today we are being challenged to communicate flawlessly and with agility…and often on the same topic over and over again. How can you bring a fresh perspective to your company’s communications and in a way that will engage the reader? And how can you change your own way of thinking in order to discover new approaches and angles?

Find out here.

These improvisational-based exercises will help you break through writing blahs…and everyone’s expectations. Whether it’s a press release, post, or PowerPoint, this is where the magic starts.

You’ll learn:

    • The tenets of improv—stagecraft exercises to help you write better
    • How to use the power of “Yes, and…” to push your writing and audiences to new heights
    • How to kill your inner editor and get away with it
    • Savvy methods to manipulate your “same-old” writing style
    • How to inspire your own creative thinking using successful examples and exercises

12:00 pm–12:40 pm PDT

Using TikTok for an Innovative Marketing Approach

Ryan Peña
Social Media Strategist

Think of TikTok as one BIG video meme platform, with over 800 million active monthly users. While studying it and leveraging it for brands, I've uncovered some interesting strategies that are completely different from traditional social platforms. Some of these posts get millions of views and likes...yet brands aren't engaging or working with these self-made influencers...a missed opportunity?

During this talk, you will walk away with knowledge about:

  • What TikTok is and why marketers should care 
  • Micro-influencer examples and how/when brands should engage 
  • What brands are integrating TikTok into their strategy 
  • Dissecting a viral case study that is SAVING LIVES
  • A realistic approach to social listening, data, and analytics within the platform

12:20 pm–1:00 pm PDT

Panel: The Storification of Social — How Your Brand Can Adapt Its Content Strategy to Effectively Leverage Stories, Live Video and Ephemeral Content

Liz Cole
VP/Group Director, Social Strategy
Lauren Powell
Digital Analytics & Social Listening Manager
Jason R. Dailey
Agency Development Lead

In a paid era of social media, many advertisers are positioning huge budgets into ads. From brand awareness to clicks to conversions, the advancement of our industry has blown up faster than we can blink. With that, sometimes advertisers are losing the social media flair in favor of bigger productions. But what if we combined hard advertising with classic social media experiences?

 This presentation is designed to teach users how to drive a narrative to their audience through classic storytelling methods reimagined for a social media landscape. I want you to not only learn how to gain an interested party, but how to engage them over a personalized journey on your page.

Takeaways include:

  • How a well-written copy and creative can create long-form conversions.
  • Explaining how a complete story can be told on social media in less than five seconds.
  • Using storytelling methods that keep a user intrigued during the paid social media revolution.
  • How to minimize your costs when building a successful plan and why it matters.

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