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August 1st, 2017 | 3pm EST - 5pm EST

3 leading brands give an exclusive inside look at how they’re leveraging influencer marketing
Bring your questions - each case study is followed by a live 15 minute Q&A!
Change the way you do influencer marketing literally within minutes of our closing remarks
Full recording available post-event to revisit any comments or questions you missed

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Thanks to everyone who joined us!


What you need to know about influencer marketing:
With 47% of online consumers using ad blockers, traditional online advertising is quickly becoming a strategy of the past. It’s more critical than ever that brands find unique, impactful ways to connect with their consumers. Influencer marketing has the power to build brand trust, reputation, and authentic engagement.

This is your chance to hear from 3 leading brands that have seen success in influencer marketing campaigns, leaving you with tangible takeaways and a fresh perspective on how your business can leverage this game-changing strategy.


Chris Rudolph

Chris Rudolph

Business Accelerator Program Director
American Family Insurance

Amisha Gandhi

Amisha Gandhi

Head of Influencer Marketing


3:00pm EST - Opening remarks from #SMSsummit producer Breanna Jacobs

3:05pm EST - SAP case study


Amisha Gandhi, Head of Influencer Marketing, SAP


International marketing and communications professional with experience in technology and media entertainment companies, from start-ups to large enterprise. Blend of influencer marketing, public relations and content/product marketing including: launching new products, C-Level communications and profile building programs, developing communications strategies, creating and executing successful marketing and communications campaigns, thought leadership content, sponsorships and partner relations, social media programs and team management. Industry expert in building influencer marketing programs to help drive sales and raise brand awareness.

3:25pm EST - Q&A

3:40pm EST - How Influencers Helped Build American Family Insurance’s Small Business Content Marketing Platform


Chris Rudolph, Business Accelerator Program Director, American Family Insurance


Chris Rudolph is a husband, father of three, business coach and director of The Business Accelerator Program at American Family Insurance.

The Business Accelerator Program is a free, online toolkit by American Family Insurance that is designed to help you grow your small business dream!  It includes expert advice, articles and live-streamed events in key areas like sales, marketing, finance and leadership.

Since 2002, Chris has spent plenty of time on the roller coaster ride of being an entrepreneur...the highest highs, feeling like you're on top of the world...but also the lowest lows, feeling like a complete failure or wondering if you're going to have enough cash to stay in business next month.

After starting and selling-off two businesses (one fitness gym and one software company) there is one thing he’s learned along the way...it's extremely difficult to pursue your dream by doing it all alone. If you want to finish well, you need coaching and support, just like any serious athlete does.


Seven years ago, American Family Insurance launched Business Accelerator, a free online program aimed at providing small business owners across America with valuable training, coaching, and exclusive content. Not only was its goal to reach American Family’s current small business customers, but to increase awareness among small business owners who hadn’t yet heard of the brand. Join Program Director Chris Rudolph as he discusses the impact that influencer marketing had on Business Accelerator’s growth and success, and challenges it’s faced over the years. You’ll leave with ideas for your own start-up program, how to measure its success, and best practices to keep in mind. Attendees will also be granted access to upcoming Business Accelerator sessions!

4:00pm EST - Q&A

4:15pm EST - Virtual summit concludes