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Deana Craig

Data Resources Specialist
California School Employees Association

Deana Craig has been working for the California School Employees Association since 1994 and has been the Data Resources Specialist since 2012.  She is responsible for supporting the data-driven initiatives of the Association, including using a variety of software tools to manipulate and analyze CSEA's membership data. She is also responsible for the training and end-user support for a variety of tools, member outreach systems, and database programs.

Deana Craig’s Session(s):

12:45 pm–1:30 pm PT —

How CSEA Used Peer-to-Peer Texting for Member Outreach During the California Wildfires

Join the Hustle fireside chat with CSEA as we dig into why peer-to-peer (P2P) text messaging was implemented into their frontlines crisis communication and how P2P enabled them to reach their communities at scale, mobilize action, and mobilize volunteers.  Hear from CSEA as they share their experience using text messaging to connect with thousands of CSEA members and check on their safety during the destructive California fires.  Learn how CSEA was able to implement immediate outreach at scale and mobilize volunteers to support their humanitarian fund.

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