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Kate Kimble

Public Relations Manager
Fort Collins Police Services

Kate Kimble is the Public Relations Manager for Fort Collins Police Services in Fort Collins, Colorado. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and a graduate certificate in Strategic Communication Management. Her background includes crisis communication, journalism, small business marketing, and social media management. Kate leads the FCPS Media Response Team, manages the agency’s digital presence, coordinates the agency’s Spanish outreach team, and facilitates meaningful interactions between police and the community.

Kate Kimble’s Session(s):

8:45 a.m.–9:30 a.m. Pacific Time —

Panel: Setting Your Agency’s Narrative Online

Social media provides an important opportunity for public safety professionals to play a leading role in setting their agency’s narrative online. With news and information spreading quickly, it’s important to have the tools and systems in place to lead your communications efforts with the public. 

This panel will cover topics including:

  • How investing in internal comms helps manage the external message and limits misinformation
  • Silence is damaging. Why it's important to speak up, and how you can keep your agency’s voice in the conversation during an active investigation or controversial situation
  • Strategies to increase the chances of media picking up your message
  • How to identify the best and most effective brand ambassador for each issue, incident, or topic
  • What it means to break your own news, and how this can help you drive your own narrative

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