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Jordan Gilgenbach

Digital Communications Coordinator
City of Minneapolis

Jordan Gilgenbach has been the Digital Communications Coordinator for the City of Minneapolis since September 2016, and focuses primarily on web, social and other digital communications strategy and implementation.

Jordan Gilgenbach’s Session(s):

10:30am – 11:15am PDT —

TikTok on the Clock: Where Does Government Fit In?

Can government agencies reach new audiences using creative videos and comedy on TikTok? Learn how you could use TikTok and to elevate the work of government, police departments, animal shelters, recycling centers, history museums, parks and more. We will walk you through how to strategize and develop content to entertain and engage one of government's hardest to reach audiences — youth and young adults.  This session will help attendees:

  • Determine if TikTok is right for their agency
  • Learn the basics of the app
  • Understand how trends can impact content ideas
  • Educate and entertain, simultaneously

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